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Tank Cleaning

RRC offers a comprehensive tank cleaning service that includes product transfer, sludge removal, decontamination of the tank, internal cleaning. Our services are designed to meet our client’s needs along with efficiency, reliability and safety. RRC’s personnel have the expertise and state of the art equipment for cleaning any type of tank including crude oil, fuel, gas and chemical tanks. Our personnel are trained to handle and work in all types of environments such as the normal and inert atmosphere.

RRC had recently ventured into non-man entry tank cleaning services in alliance with a Europe company. This service can be carried out on any kind of oil tanks either with floating or with a fixed roof. This system could recover hydrocarbon from its sludge up to 98% by ensuring a minimum reduction of waste disposal. Since there is no man entry required inside the tank, it is safe, fast and efficient.

Our Service Includes:
  • Cleaning of tanks and vessels
  • Associated pipeline cleaning
  • Remaining product transfer
  • Desludging and disposal
  • Decontamination
  • Degassing
  • Internal cleaning (using hydro jetting or chemical cleaning)
  • Tank entry using Breathing Apparatus
  • Non-Man Entry Tank Cleaning