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Air/Steam Blowing

Air/Steam blowing refers to cleaning of the pipeline system using oil-free compressed air or steam. Engineered air/steam blowing system by using a simulation model (Flownex), target plates, quick acting valves and silencers to remove sand, debris, loose rust, liquids and other contaminants from process pipelines. This application has been accepted across the country as a safe method to clean fuel supply lines, chilled water lines or plant piping systems. RRC has carried out various prestigious projects with Oil & Gas Industries, Petrochemical Plants, Power Sectors and International Airports, District Cooling Companies etc.

Our Service Includes:
  • Removal of Construction debris and Oxide
  • Plant Piping
  • Fuel and Gas Pipelines
  • Jet A1 Fuel Network
  • Chilled Water Network
  • Vapour Phase Decontamination of static equipment