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Decontamination Services

RRC offers one stop shop for decontamination solutions to Refineries and Petrochemical Plant. Our chemistry is well-matched with any metallurgy, it is safe, biodegradable, cost effective decontamination/degassing solutions. Our chemistry can be applied in vapor phase using steam or in liquid phase by circulation or cascading method or both phases could be applied based on the intensity and approachability of the contaminants. The chemistry works efficiently and is highly capable of removing contaminants such as benzene, H2S, LEL’s and pyrophoric iron etc. from columns, vessels, piping, tanks etc.

Our Service Includes:
  • Bio Degradable and Safe to use
  • Eliminates H2S, LEL, Benzene and Pyrophoric iron
  • Significantly reduces waste generation
  • Works effectively in both liquid and vapor phase
  • Reduces Turnaround Time
  • Allows the maintenance crew to enter and carry out repair (including hot work) and inspection inside the equipment immediately