Pigging is a method of using device that goes through the pipeline to aid in cleaning, inspection or dimensioning. Cleaning a pipeline by pigging is important as soon as construction of a pipeline has been completed in order to remove the debris left over during construction. Pigging could also be carried out as a part of maintenance procedure to detect any problems present on the inside of a pipeline. We offer safe, reliable and effective pigging services without affecting the pipe integrity. We also conduct gel pigging for emptying a pipeline with a product where the pipe has irregular shapes and sizes. Specially formulated gel chemicals are mixed together to form a gel pig as per the viscosity of the liquid to be pushed.

Our Service Includes:
  • Pipeline Drying and Dehydration
  • De-oiling of Pipeline
  • Pipeline Cleaning
  • We service Jet Fuel Lines, Hydrocarbon Lines, Chemical Lines, Water Lines