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Chemical Cleaning

RRC offers a wide range of chemical cleaning services which includes degreasing, acid pickling and passivation as a part of pre-commissioning cleaning of new plant facilities or as a part of the operational turnaround of existing plants. Our engineers with their years of experience combined with modern equipment and the right chemistry will meticulously remove fouling, contaminations and deposits thus protecting the system from corrosion. Each job is studied in detail and engineered as per the system requirements for a high-quality deliverance. We have executed jobs on boilers, HRSG systems, coolers, cracking furnaces, pipelines, vessels, exchangers etc. We have a huge assortment of chemical cleaning pumps ranging from 50m3/hr to 1200m3/hr, certified chemical cleaning hoses, portable heaters, effluent storage tanks of 60-300m3, manifolds, spools and required fittings.

Our Service Includes:
  • Boiler Chemical Cleaning and Alkali boil-out
  • Pipelines, Heat Exchangers, PHE’s, Super Heaters
  • Oxygen Service Lines
  • Stainless Steel Equipment
  • Liquid and Vapor phase Decontamination of Columns, Vessels, Tanks
  • Evaporator degreasing and passivation